Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club was founded and sanctioned in Manassas, VA in 2005. We consider ourselves a traditional MC because we follow protocol, and carry the same values that the MC culture was founded on. We are not a 1% club, we are not a support club, and we claim no territory. To join this club you must show  Brotherhood, Respect, Loyalty, Commitment, and complete your prospecting.  


 The purpose of Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club is to offer a traditional, respected, and sanctioned brotherhood of riders on both sportbikes and cruisers.

  “If you’re not Guilty, you’re not doing it right”


 Our Colors have been blessed by our local dominant 1% club and consist of a top rocker that reads
 "Guilty Ones". 
Our center patch is a Skull wearing a bandana and german helmet. 

We wear a bottom rocker signifying our chapter locations.
And we proudly wear an MC block. 
Colors are Black & Grey.

Yes, you must prospect to join our MC. This is a family and we are not "weekend 
warriors". You will earn your way into this brotherhood.

HangArounds and Prospects must meet the following requirements:

  • Own and ride a Motorcycle      (over 500cc)
  • Must be male.
  • Have time to be committed to the club.
  • Be able to show respect, loyalty, and commitment. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do you only allow cruisers? We accept all Motorcycles over 500cc.
  2. Why do you call your club Guilty Ones? The name Guilty Ones came about due to most peoples first impressions when they saw us all out riding together. We seemed to always appear guilty of something. So the name just fit. 
  3. How do I get your club to help out with a charity or event? Simple...contact us through the link.
  4. I see your club has a lot of stunt riding videos and pictures. Are you a stunt team?  No, G1MC is not a stunt team, however back when we got together its what we were aiming for. The original members of Guilty Ones were all stunters. However if your looking for a stunt team, or show. We know all the locals. 
  5. I see your local to Northern Virginia and Western Maryland, do you ride elsewhere?  We ride everywhere. Sometimes we keep it a little closer to home and sometimes we go far out of state. It just depends. 
  6. What do I have to do for prospecting?  Our prospecting is no set time but usually takes about a year. You have to come out and make sure this club is right for you, that you fit in, and that you can be committed.
  7. Why do you make people prospect? Simple this is not the club for everyone. We are more interested in quality over quantity. 
  8. Do you only get together for rides and events? Absolutely not. You will find us out having a good time any day of the week. 



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