2013 Post

1/19/14 : Huge Success for G1 and our brother Billdo last night !!

"There's not any words that can explain how thankful we are for the family, friends, bikers, and MC community that showed us and our brother Billdo love last night. I'm sure I'm going to miss some people but a huge thank you to Tyler Toliver, Clint Gaskins, and L and B's Sports Bar for putting this event together so quickly. 

Jessie Lynne Barber , Jennifer Kreer, Michael Stuart , and Richard Seemslegit Stanley for the raffle items. All the MC and MM's: NamKnights Sons OfTitans Chapter, U.S. Military Vets, Chris Moomaw and the Honorbound MM, Tradesman MC , Vindicators Lemc Virginia, Iron Order, Mohawk Ryderz, Brothers in Christ, Rebel Sons, David Sinland Uzi, and any other club and solo rider that made it out. Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, and helped us spread the word. Congrats to Patrick Bleakney for winning the Harley. A huge thank you to all our G1 Brothers, prospects , hangarounds, and supporters. Nothing but love and respect. If you have pictures please send them our way. Thank you once again."


12/31/13: Happy New Years from G1MC! G1FFG1, SYL 71. 

 photo 1558512_1394256707490378_461156839_n_zps1c5d7d0d.jpg

12/30/13 : Brother Billdo was released from the hospital last night. Thank you all for your prayers.  

12/20/13 : Great times last night at Romas in King George for the Special Olympics Charity Fundraiser.

12/20/13 : Still praying for our Brother Billdo. Heres a collection of pics and cards that have been sent in. Thank you all for your kindness.

 photo 1467394_686783651345521_1186449832_n_zps8381b299.jpg

 12/9/13:  Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club would like to say thank you to all the Clubs & Organizations  who attended and donated to the Manassas Miracle this year.  There’s a ton of people to thank and if we missed you on this list we apologize!

  • Volunteer Prince Wiliam

  • Dan Mackey &  Mackeys American Pub

  • Tom McGrath Law Firm

  • Ambassador Pitbull Rescue

  • KK’s Temptations

  • HMs Home Management Services

  • Skinhabitions Tattoo Studio & Handmade Tattoo Parlor

  • 31 & Pampered chef

  • Sheehy Nissan

  • Biologics Medical Equipment

  • Tin Man Sheet Metal

  • Lee & Associates Real Estate

  • Lighting By Design

  • SCE

  • Wells Fargo

  • Romas Pizza in King George

  • Carport Customs

  • CSI

  • Vondari Moto

  • MHKS

  • Victoria’s Secret

  • Okras

  • Fast Eddies Auto Body

  • Devil Tail Designs

Motorcycle Clubs:

  • Tradesmen

  • Smokin Curvz

  • Daybreakers

  • Mohawk Ryderz

  • Chain Driven

  • Adrenaline Riders

  • Sinland

  • Pacific Knights

  • Renegade Pigs

12/9/13: Please say a prayer for one of our Founders Billdo. He is currently in a medically induced coma due to high fever and a pneumonia like sickness. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated!!! 

12/3/13: G1MC invades Dawghouse radio once again.  


12/3/13 : visiting the bros at handmade tattoo parlor


11/28/2013: Guilty Ones MC Manassas & Richmond Chapters Celebrating Thanksgiving.  





11/22/13 :  Jaegers 29th Bday. Click on pic to view album. 

11/16/13 :  Handmade Party Tonight At Mackeys American Pub. 


1426707_10200091222082122_1085842940_n (1)

11/12/13:  Some of the greatest dudes you will ever meet DAWGHOUSE RADIO!  Interview and pics for promoting the Manassas Miracle. 



Updated Flyer:

flyer large


 photo ManassasMiracle20131018204405079-2_zps9376b9ba.jpg

11/11/13:  Happy Veterans Day

 photo veterans_day_2007_poster1a_zpsade4b29e.jpg

11/10/13 : Happy Birthday Marines! 

11/7/13 :

11/5/2013 : Calling all females. Do you think your hot? Well come prove it in the Naughty Elf contest Dec 7th at Mackeys American Pub in Manassas. 1st place walks away $500 (maybe more) 2nd place $300 cash/prizes. 3rd $100 cash/prizes. Come out have a great time with great people. Contact Tim Tatted Up Kennon or your local G1 for more details. Spread the word and share the love. SYL71. G1FFG1   


10/31/2013 : Happy Halloween from Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club!

 10/29/2013 :Mark your calendars- Dec 7th will be the G1 Christmas Party! "Manassas Miracle" is the name and you will not want to miss this!


10/10/2013 :  Dont Miss Out! Hard Times Cafe Monster Ride

 photo 1378740_10151898898555890_1373154605_n_zpsb6b9d60f.jpg

 10/5/2013 : Tradesmen Fall Poker Run 2013!




9/18/2013 :  Chilis St Judes Charity tonight. 

9/13/2013:  This shit aint a game. G1MC. 

 photo 993707_643338065690080_168860600_n_zps95255047.jpg

9/13/2013 : Ocean City Bike Week. 

 photo 1185744_10201939152067603_1064934045_n_zpsf73bbef7.jpg

9/07/13 : Harry and Household charitty event @ Mackeys. 

 photo IMG_2998_zps96fd9d61.jpg

  photo IMG_3062_zps2196d387.jpg

 photo IMG_3061_zpsc9165860.jpg

 photo IMG_3060_zpsd77f25e9.jpg

 photo IMG_3059_zps5a565fcd.jpg

Some G1 basketball 

 photo IMG_3058_zps83e95118.jpg

8/26/2013: RIP Ryan MTfosho  

 photo IMG_2981_zps70ab312b.jpg

9/01/2013 : Riding

 photo IMG_2982_zps42fb4870.jpg

8/29/2013: T-Bone getting charged with "Impending Traffic" lol Ok MCPD... Well played.  

 photo IMG_3002_zpsd75e3839.jpg

 photo IMG_3004_zpsd776906d.jpg

8/24/2013 : LightWeights Cookout. 

 photo IMG_2975_zpse7484f6c.jpg

8/24/2013: Attending JRs Funeral today.  

 8/22/2013: @ City Tavern. 

 photo IMG_2941_zpsb76c7f07.jpg

8/22/2013: cookin out at Hangaround Jasons house. Sockem Boppers are never a good idea!

 photo 1003535_621801167865201_1705748175_n_zpsa3349238.jpg

8/18/2013 : Visiting VP Pitbull at the Hospital. :  

 photo IMG_2934_zps77c6dfe3.jpg

 8/16/2013 : Keiths going away party Pics:  Dont Ask:  http://s780.photobucket.com/user/guiltyonesmc/slideshow/Devious%20leaving%20for%20Japan%20party


 photo redsuv_zps43b021a2.jpg

8/15/2013 : Back to school drive tonight at k2 in woodbridge for Soulja Girlz MC 

8/9/2013: True 71 style...I thought cops didnt pull over cruisers..lol.

 photo 12686_491162030970141_1397624787_n_zpsdd02ae72.jpg

7/27/2013 : Heading to Front Royal for a " Concrete Jungle Escape"  

7/26/2013 : Great Times last night as always. Thanks to everyone who made it out! 

7/25/2013 : Mackeys American Pub, Handmade Tattoo Parlor, & Guilty Ones MC are hosting Christmas in July tonight at Mackeys American Pub. Please come by and bring a Toy for Toys for Tots.! 

7/19/2013 : Dizzle & Dutchs Birthday @ Carpool & Mackeys. Great Times as always with the G1 Family!  You can find pics under pictures

7/14/2013  Hard Times Car, Truck, and Bike Wash today. Come hang out.      

 photo photo_zps47226fa6.jpg  photo photo3_zps0edb0745.jpg  photo photo4_zps5eb470dd.jpg  photo photo2_zps85e3460e.jpg 7/01/2013 :  photo photo1_zps020430a4.jpg

6/22/2013 : Amazing ride and time at Tims 2 today. Pictures can be found at this link:  http://s780.photobucket.com/user/guiltyonesmc/slideshow/Tims%202%20Ride%20June%202013?sort=3

 6/19/2013: Some footage from rolling thunder. 

6/9/2013 As always. Much Love & Respect to all of those who atended this past weekends events. Lots of money was raised for great charities. None of this would be possible without the help and love from the Motorcycle Community. 


 photo 984256_625328184144718_193577655_n_zps9f55eeba.jpg
 photo 226663_386604001447954_1711163169_n_zpse7ca1aee.jpg

6/5/2013 : Another 2 Great Charities this weekend. 

Friday- Oklahoma Tornado charity at Backyard Grill in Chantilly Va. Starts at 7PM.  photo 580787_627220860639349_722661303_n_zpsb59facb4.jpg  


Saturday- A bike Wash and Bike Swap at Hard Times Cafe In Manassas Va. Proceeds go to the Virginia Patriot Guard Wounded Warrior Project BBQ at Ft. Belvior

 photo 993009_569349959775162_1168829334_n_zps92ddc779.jpg

5/22/2013 : Its Almost that time! ROLLING THUNDER 2013. If you havent done it yet. Be sure to do it this year. A great experience. 


5/14/2013 : Pictures came threw from the Free WrongTurn Ride (5/3/2013)  you can see more by going to pictures and clicking on the Free WrongTurn Album.  . Great Job Steve-O 

 photo 248038_587724174584803_1024152918_n_zps6e3f716b.jpg

5/5/2013 : Guilty Ones MC & Tradesmen MC  

ML&R photo IMG_2294_zps5956c1d5.jpg

4/23/2013 : Dont miss out on our first bike wash of 2013 @ Hard Times Cafe in Manassas on MAY 5th! 

 photo May52013_zps93c3aa67.jpg

4-20-2013 : Guilty Ones MC had great times on saturday. Started with the Chris Yung Poker Run, then MHKS Open house event, then a club meeting, Mohawk Ryderz Event, closed the bar at Mackeys then to the only place left to go. IHOP. 

Thanks for all the Invites and Love.  


 photo null_zps3596e317.jpg

 photo 401179_4775860917535_56177762_n_zps25ab3270.jpg

4/17/2013 : G1MC Shutting down Queaker Steak bike night in Fredericksburg VA.

   photo 547561_163487957147824_1264510946_n_zpsa81a1d33.jpg

4/12/2013:  Dutch's new Handlebars 

 photo 535945_366246173481667_1177753434_n_zps2cd575f9.jpg

 photo 559506_10200243190816944_534407096_n_zps666a2393.jpg

4/6/2013 : Very successful ride this Saturday   Thanks to the ladies for cooking us some great food, our Road Captains and Assistant Road Captains for getting us there and back safely, our Brothers from richmond for joining us, and everyone who was able to attend. Also Congrats to our newest Member Str8 Jacket, congrats to Prospect Henry for receiving his top rocker, and Jimmy for starting his Prospecting.  Brotherhood, Respect, Loyalty, & Commitment. G1MC!


 photo 156057_423852891042489_1489575347_n_zps93d9c28c.png 

3/19/2013 : Back from Daytona to shitty Va weather. Our Sgt At Arms Pitbull got hit by a car the first 3 hours into our ride in Daytona. Wish him a speedy recovery. Pictures coming soon. 

3/12/2013 : Daytona here we come! 

2/24/2013 : 

--------- Photobucket --------- Photobucket --------



2/10/2013 : G1MC took a trip to Pevs Paintball today. Hell of a good time.

2/01/2013: After the Officer Yung Charity event at Hard Times Cafe, we had to stop in Mackeys. 



1/13/2013: Great time at the Adrenaline RIders Comedy / Charity event tonight!