2012 Post


Hanging with our boys at Dawghouse Radio.



12/15/2012: Tonights the night. G1MC / Handmade Tattoo / and Mackeys American Pub 3rd Annual Toys for Tots Christmas Party!!!! 


12/8/2012 : Promoting the Xmas party on 106.7 Kevin and Rock Show!!! 

12/3/12: The Dawghouse Radio today promoting the Xmas Party!!! 

11/10/12: Another great bike wash. Big thanks to the Leathernecks MC, Desert Knights MC, and Hard Times Cafe. Check out the pics and send us more if you got them.  https://picasaweb.google.com/guiltyonesmc/VeteransDayBikeWashNov2012#slideshow/5810130232634540338



 10/25/2012: Jesse Toller World Record

10/25/2012: ROC FOOTAGE

10/4/2012: Mark your calendars. December 15th is our 3rd annual Toys For Tots Christmas Party. If you were there last year then you know you dont want to miss this! 

9/17/2012: Some Pics from bike week 

9/13/2012: While were at Bike Week we figured we would send some pics of the recent bike wash. Enjoy and there will be more to come.  Sept Bike Wash

9/17/2012: Wish we all could have made it but still came out good

9/8/2012:  Its today. Come chill with the locals. 


8/25/2012: Please help us support Dustin Young as he pursues his dream of racing in the AMA. : http://www.facebook.com/YoungRacing185


 8/25/2012: Good Times with Masonic Riders last night. Thanks for the invite! 

8/20/2012: Our VP Zero won a new bike  


8/20/2012: Our brother Steve-O reppin at the track once again! 





8/20/2012: Shout Out to Untamed Ryderz in NJ - 




7/3/2012: Thanks to all who helped us with another successful bike wash & Charity . Im sure im forgetting a few but Big Thanks TO: Hard Times Cafe in Manassas, National Tire and Battery in Manassas, Off Topic Radio, Handmade Tattoo Parlor, Manassas Honda Kawasaki Suzuki, GameStop, Whitts Harley Davidson, Rinkers Drywall, Manassas Pawn, The Fellas MC, Renegade Pigs MC, Daybreakers MC, US Military Vets MC, K9 MC, Starlight Riders MC, Masonic Riders MC, Mohawk Ryderz, Blood Tight Ryderz, Hi Way Wanderers MC, MadMen MC, Street Dreamz Ryderz MC, all the independent riders, cagers, and of course the ladies who did the washing. MLnR. If we forgot you please let us know!

6/28/2012: we got another bike wash THIS SUNDAY AT HARD TIMES CAFE IN MANSSAS!!!!! DONT MISS OUT. Heres video from last time: 


6/25/2012: This aint a hobby...its a Lifestyle. G1MC.  

6/24/2012: Johnny Killin it. 





6/10/2012 : Prayers up to our Prospect- Carls girlfriend, who was involved in a motorcycle accident yesterday. and thank you to all the clubs that helped us and showed respect. 




5/22/2012: Coattails cookout. Great Times. 




4/14/2012: Red, White, & Blue


5/7/2012 : Once again- I cant thank everyone enough for coming out to the Tradesmen charity poker run, and to our bikini bike wash. We are very grateful for all the Love & Respect we got. Pictures should be up soon. 

5/4/2012: REPPIN -Hampton Va



5/1/2012: welcome home brother @ Keith aka QtPie (USMC) 



5/1/2012:  Dont Miss Out!!



4/25/2012: Im not trying to hate on Motuls new "stunt history video" but if your going to make a video with that title and not even mention the Godfather of stunt riding "Antonio Carlos Farias" aka A.C. Farias then you might as well stop while your ahead. The man was stunt riding in 1981..Just Sayin!   Video can be found here : http://stuntride.com/motul-stunt-history-video/

History on A.C. Farias can be found here : -http://www.superstreetbike.com/features/best_motorcycle_stunt_riders/index.html

4/20/2012: Thanks for the pic Jason.

4/15/2012: Good times at the Mohawks Ryderz Season opener & Daves house warming party. Muths Sharpie Bike which is almost 100% done was looking sic last night. More pics will be up later.  More Pics Here:



Shout out to two new businesses in the area. 

Brookscycle.com       and        vondarimoto.com

4/12/2012: Dont Miss this!

4/11/2012: Donate to help a friend and local biker who went down:


As many of you know we lost a good friend- President of Ghost Ryderz Extreme Nando "Big Daddy" Chavez. Please help us donate to help out his family:


 3/30/2012: Love him or hate him you aint stuntin like hes stuntin

3/29/2012:  New chicks on bikes pics have been added ; ). We will be tearing it up with Rebel Sons this weekend at Rebel Fest!!!   Also want to send a shout out to OFF TOPIC RADIO : 




 3/27/1012: Thanks to everyone who helped us raise 5000$ for the wounded warrior project at Hard Times Cafe. We couldn't do it without all the support. 

3/18/2012: G1MC is getting ready for winter next year :  

 3/18/2012: Great St Paddys Day celebration. Thanks to everyone who showed up for a great charity. Appreciate all the love: Hard Times Manassas, Mackeys American Pub,  Leathernecks MC, Rebel Sons MC, Game 7 Riderz, Star-light Riders MC, Masonic Riders MC, Bloodtight Ryderz, Renegade Pigs, Chain Driven MC, Daybreakers MC, Sons Of Liberty, Tradesman MC, and many more. 

  3/17/2012: Thoughts and Prayers go out to Nando of Ghost Ryderz Extreme. 

3/16/2012:  Different footage from the other Ride Of The Century video..but liked this better.

3/9/2012: Hard Times Manassas Charity Event.


 3/7/2012: Another successful meeting of the Local sportbike (MC's)  Planning a big party for this summer. If you need details feel free to contact us. 

 2/28/2012: Drift Battle. 


12/20/2012 :  A great video for hangarounds and prospects.

 2/14/2012: Looking for pictures of chicks on motorcycles. We have some great pics of girls on sportbikes, and cruisers on our "chicks on bikes" album located at the bottom of our pictures page. Feel free to keep sending us more. 

2/9/2012: Hoodie orders are going in Friday.


 1/20/2012: New Chapters being discussed. VA.

1/17/2012 : If your looking into  custom powder coating, or if you need a new spray in liner for your truck. Check out LG COATINGS in Woodbridge, VA.

1/11/2012 : Dc International Bike Show is this weekend. G1MC will be there saturday and sunday.