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10/22/2014: Please keep our Manassas prospect brent in your thoughts and prayers. Hes still in the hospital after being hit by a car.  

Heres a pic of us giving him some entertainment 


10/21/2014: we know its early to do this but, we want to put our Manassas Miracle flyer out there now for all to see! 

2014 XMAS PARTY FLYER_edited-1

10/18/2014:  Congrats to our RVA chapter on a very successful event - Smiles for Jasmine 


10/9/2014: Dont miss this great event being put on by our Richmond Chapter!



9/25/2014 : New Female G1 shirt design by The Body Gallery tattoo shops owner Jenn.


9/24/2014 : Was great to see our brother Crow from Colorado who came to visit. 


We also got to see a pic of our brother Sandman in Afghanistan with our new G1 shirt



9/20/2104:Krazy Bobs Memorial ride, Manassas car and bike show, Richmond ride,Unknown Fools MC poker run, Riverton Volunteer Fire car show, Moose car show, Groves HD open house/poker run .


9/19/2014: Dont miss our Richmond Chapters charity event-  

10580949_1472879202961461_3484291525725212097_o 10580815_1472879199628128_7501443153045619947_o

9/19/2014 : The MD Save The Patch ( COC) event made it into a couple magazines.  Heres the layout of one below- 

xphoto (2)

9/7/2014 : Showing Love and Respect at Mayhems cousins memorial ride 

More pics can be found in our pictures link.  SYL 71


9/1/2014: Great time at the Clifton Car Show and Firemen chili cook off  - G1FFG1

More pics can be found in our pictures link. 


8/27/2014: Guilty Ones MC Manassas, VA Merchandise including stickers and shirts are currently available for sale at our Clubhouse!!! SYL 71!

8/15/2014 :  showing love to K9 in West Va. 


8/8/2014; Last day to get one of the WHITE SYL 71 Shirts-


8/1/2014: Concrete Jungle Escape 2014!!!


10309403_1459004961039607_4500960142072059889_n 10557358_10153076738182796_443332804632530857_n 10585191_805122882844930_1551000844_n

7/24/2014: These Guilty Ones MC SYL 71 Support Shirts will be available until august 9th. Be sure to pick one up! 

7/13/2014 : Congrats to the Northern Va Confederation of Clubs for electing its new board members. Guilty Ones MC is proud to announce that our Manassas Chapter President  KOA will be sitting on the board. Anyone interested in joining the COC in VA please contact us. 

7/12/2014: Congrats to our RICHMOND VA CHAPTER on no longer being a probationary chapter. Guilty Ones MC takes the MC life very seriously and we make sure through our prospecting and probationary chapter status that we have the right people. Richmond Va not only had to prospect to earn their rags but they had to wear a probationary chapter patch until we felt they were ready be considered an established chapter. You brothers have done a great job! L&R

7/12/2014 : Save The Patch MD 


We didnt make it in time for the group photo but here it is: 


5/23/2014:  Rolling Thunder 2014!

984111_769794099711142_971161921260034257_n 10352400_769803083043577_702332356661171938_n 10338751_768551339835418_2647277589924820694_n

 5/2014: Volunteer Prince William Awards us for our charities:

10389353_770566542967231_4662896270219912461_n 10388334_770566419633910_1679221388_n

5/11/2014 Myrtle Beach Bike Week #TeamHeather 

photo 5

 5/ 10/ 2014 : Brother Smooves Wedding!

IMG_2033 IMG_2020

5/4/2014 : Bloc Burnaz MC Event



4/25/2014 : Florida Mikes Birthday Weekend 


4/12/14: Body Gallery Event for Pat

G1MC was glad to come out and support a good friend and great Tattoo Shop. Much Love & Respect. 



4/5/2014 : Spring Ride 2014

Amazing ride and good times in Mineral Virginia. G1FFG1



3/25/2014:  First Clubhouse Meeting





3/11/2014: Big day for G1. Clubhouse has been found and permissions have been granted. Cant wait to put in some work in this place.  


Helping some friends with a music video shoot

1896889_268084090035179_2127838258_n (1) photo (4) 1896944_728947010462518_1856807109_n

Tattoo Party at Skinhibitions

1510820_485871524852464_1001092558_n 1620590_10203457317540127_388214225_n 1920635_10203610383406678_251201551_n

2/22/14 :  Brother Billdo back on 2. 

photo 2

2/22/14: Richmond Bros riding. 

photo 5

photo 1



 2/24/2014: Devious home from Japan

photo 3


photo 4

 Q Company Bike Night. Thanks for the invite Boozefighters!

photo 2

2/18/14 :
photo 2

2/12/2014-   Koas sled and his rottie 



2/6/2013: Some footage from April 2013

2/2/14: Guilty Ones MC Super Bowl Party is tonight and were doing it big! 24 foot screens! thats right we were given a theatre at manassas cinemas (8890 Mathis Ave, Manassas, VA 20110) to watch the game.  Come join us at 6pm. Entry is free. Food , drink, and beer will be sold. 

1/25/14: Great times with the Nam Knights.   Dont miss our superbowl party at the Mathis Theatre !

1/21/14 : 


1/19/14 : Huge Success for G1 and our brother Billdo last night !!

"There's not any words that can explain how thankful we are for the family, friends, bikers, and MC community that showed us and our brother Billdo love last night. I'm sure I'm going to miss some people but a huge thank you to Tyler Toliver, Clint Gaskins, and L and B's Sports Bar for putting this event together so quickly. 

Jessie Lynne Barber , Jennifer Kreer, Michael Stuart , and Richard Seemslegit Stanley for the raffle items. All the MC and MM's: NamKnights Sons OfTitans Chapter, U.S. Military Vets, Chris Moomaw and the Honorbound MM, Tradesman MC , Vindicators Lemc Virginia, Iron Order, Mohawk Ryderz, Brothers in Christ, Rebel Sons, David Sinland Uzi, and any other club and solo rider that made it out. Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, and helped us spread the word. Congrats to Patrick Bleakney for winning the Harley. A huge thank you to all our G1 Brothers, prospects , hangarounds, and supporters. Nothing but love and respect. If you have pictures please send them our way. Thank you once again."


12/31/13: Happy New Years from G1MC! G1FFG1, SYL 71. 

 photo 1558512_1394256707490378_461156839_n_zps1c5d7d0d.jpg

12/30/13 : Brother Billdo was released from the hospital last night. Thank you all for your prayers.  

12/20/13 : Great times last night at Romas in King George for the Special Olympics Charity Fundraiser.

12/20/13 : Still praying for our Brother Billdo. Heres a collection of pics and cards that have been sent in. Thank you all for your kindness.

 photo 1467394_686783651345521_1186449832_n_zps8381b299.jpg

 12/9/13:  Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club would like to say thank you to all the Clubs & Organizations  who attended and donated to the Manassas Miracle this year.  There’s a ton of people to thank and if we missed you on this list we apologize!

  • Volunteer Prince Wiliam

  • Dan Mackey &  Mackeys American Pub

  • Tom McGrath Law Firm

  • Ambassador Pitbull Rescue

  • KK’s Temptations

  • HMs Home Management Services

  • Skinhabitions Tattoo Studio & Handmade Tattoo Parlor

  • 31 & Pampered chef

  • Sheehy Nissan

  • Biologics Medical Equipment

  • Tin Man Sheet Metal

  • Lee & Associates Real Estate

  • Lighting By Design

  • SCE

  • Wells Fargo

  • Romas Pizza in King George

  • Carport Customs

  • CSI

  • Vondari Moto

  • MHKS

  • Victoria’s Secret

  • Okras

  • Fast Eddies Auto Body

  • Devil Tail Designs

Motorcycle Clubs:

  • Tradesmen

  • Smokin Curvz

  • Daybreakers

  • Mohawk Ryderz

  • Chain Driven

  • Adrenaline Riders

  • Sinland

  • Pacific Knights

  • Renegade Pigs

12/9/13: Please say a prayer for one of our Founders Billdo. He is currently in a medically induced coma due to high fever and a pneumonia like sickness. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated!!!


To apply for membership in Guilty Ones MC please send us an email using our contact page. 

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